Farmers examining corn ear

Farmers examining a corn field, photo: Getty Images, fotokostic

Ag Services at CCE Madison

Connect with Madison CCE to support your farm and food business! Check out all that we offer...

Staff and Ag Support Services in Madison County

Our Ag Team staff and amazing Master Gardener Volunteers are here to help support your farm or food business!

Our Community Horticulture Team provides:

Our Commercial Ag and Horticulture Team provides:

  • Resources for farmers early in their careers
  • Workshops, information, and educational programs on a range of crop production, pest and disease management, and farm business topics
  • Sounding board and technical support to help you learn how to assess and solve on-farm challenges and changes
  • Help to connect and direct you to agriculture service providers and organizations supporting food and farming across the state and county

The CNY Dairy, Livestock, and Field Crops Regional Team provides:

Our Agriculture Economic Development (AED) team provides:

  • Farm business support and referrals
  • Support on business creation and expansion, including marketing, sales, and value added resources.
  • The customer and farmer connecting annual Open Farm Day and Celebrate Madison event experiences!

You can find which staff or specialist to reach out to at our staff page here.

Agricultural Business Center

This center is a shared space loaded with computers, office equipment, and audio-visual equipment to help your farm business thrive.

Do you want to upgrade your website? Add higher quality photos to your online store? Check out pests, disease, or other samples under a microscope? The Ag Business Center might be a good stop.

Workshops and Events

We host, share, and connect you with events throughout the year, from informal discussion groups to farm twilight walks, webinars, tours, trainings, and more!

Check out our upcoming event calendar here!

Mad for Ag Team Blog

We share highlights from our events, resources from our county and across the state, upcoming workshops of interest, and growing/farming here in our weekly blog.

Connection to Cornell Resources across the state

Our mission includes to "bring local experience and research-based solutions together, helping New York state families and communities thrive in our rapidly changing world." 

Here in the Ag Team, we strive to connect you, our farmers and gardeners, with the best research and experiences that can help you and your farm thrive. Reach out to us if you want assistance tracking down resources for your operation!


Maryellen Sheehan
Agriculture and Horticulture Resource Educator
315-684-3001- ext 126

Last updated February 8, 2023