Dairy Award

Apply today ! Due by April 15.

Dairy of Distinction

The Dairy of Distinction Program is based on the concept that attractive farmsteads enhance consumer confidence in the dairy industry. The award also recognizes the hard work and efforts of all Northeast dairy farmers. ( Home | dod2016 (dairyofdistinctionawards.com)

To apply for the award, an application must be submitted to the secretary for your state by April 15th. Roadside farm judging takes place in May and is based on the condition of the farm and livestock. Applicants in Pennsylvania must list the name of the dairy cooperative or milk handler where the milk is shipped. The milk handler will be contacted to approve the quality of the milk during the previous 12 months. Farms that are awarded the Dairy of Distinction honor are notified in late May or June. Winners are re-judged every year to ensure they maintain the high standards of the award. ( Home | dod2016 (dairyofdistinctionawards.com)

Participating in the Dairy of Distinction Program is just one beautiful way dairy farmers can show off their industry.  

Last updated December 27, 2022