Dairy cattle in the Cornell Dairy Research Center in Harford, NY (Cornell University Photography).
Image by Jason Koski

74% of ag sales in Madison County are from dairy & livestock (2017)

About Ag in Madison County

Madison County is truly an agricultural county, where close to 45% of the county's land area is devoted to a variety of agricultural enterprises.

According to the 2017 Ag Census, there are 691 farms in Madison County. Average farm size is 224 acres, while median farm size is 105 acres. Agricultural product sales from these farms totaled $117,730,000. Seventy-four percent of those sales were from the dairy and livestock sectors, while crop sales accounted for 26%.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Madison County was founded in 1917 and has been offering research-based resources and education to our farming community, and addresses the overall goals of our local agriculture community since that time. Educators help farms to remain viable and profitable businesses by providing comprehensive, research-based information in animal and natural resource husbandry, business planning and marketing, diversified farm products, and technical and financial support opportunities. We connect clients with Cornell University faculty, Extension experts, and with other community agencies that also can provide information and support.

Last updated November 24, 2019