Food for thought

Locally sourced food fresh from our local Madison county farmers.

food for thought

Food for thought- A multi part series of joining to together with local farmers and producers over a wonderful meal.


Food For Thought Dinner- Dinner with a Farmer

 Over 12+ Farms participating throughout the county!

Food 4 Thought Cooking series March 2022

Gyros for Dinner FULL


Thursday March 24 (5:30pm-8pm)

A state fair favorite made with Real Food right in your own kitchen

Holly and Hank, owners of Plumb Rocky Farm, love nature, good food, and raising animals. Their farm provides a superior-tasting variety of meat for the local community. In this cooking class, they will transform ground beef and ground goat, from their farm, into a fun and flavorful Gyros dinner with all the traditional toppings. The rich meat, cheese, fresh herbs, and vegetables provide a satisfying flavor and nutrient-dense dinner. It is an easy meal that they enjoy even in the middle of a busy week. Many of the ingredients are locally produced.

Plumb Rocky farm pasture raises Heritage breed animals that produce rich meat with incredible flavor. Following regenerative farming practices, they strive to improve soil health and nutrients in their pastures, increasing the nutrients and minerals in the meat they produce for you.

Fresh Pasta with a Mushroom Pan Sauce the No Thumbs way.

Friday March 25th 2PM-5PM

In this class we will focus on creating a luscious meal with only a few ingredients. Transforming local flour and eggs into fresh pasta. Blending simple local mushrooms, garlic, butter, and wine into a creamy sauce perfect for adding to pasta, sauteed fish, steak, chicken or whatever you desire.

Learn a few tricks to level up you dinner game and show off your new pasta making skills.

Bryony Grealish is a food influencer, speaker, trainer, No Thumbs Chef Challenge show host, and is the owner of The Fingerless Kitchen, LLC. A Syracuse native, Brie is a wife and mom to two vibrant, sweet boys.

She was born with a rare genetic condition called Ectrodactyly. Bryony uses her disability as a tool for change, showing the world that you don’t need thumbs to cook. Find out more about Brie


Mexican Restaurant Take-Over

Dine with a FARMER

La Cocina to be held at the restaurant Chittenango NY

Tuesday March 29th 6-8pm

Join us for a authentic Mexican dinner using locally sourced products. Dinner is FREE but registration is required, limited seating. Take out will be available, but plan to have a family style, come as you are meal. Learn more about the people who produce your food, share your stories.

Appetizer: Queso

Main dish: Choice of: Burrito Mexicano or Special Burrito

Locally sourced Chicken or beef.

Dessert: Flan

Practical Living and Cooking: Anti-Inflammatory and Healing Foods for Lyme and Chronic Illness


Wednesday March 30 11am-1pm

Jen Bryz-Gornia is a mother of three young children who is dedicated to health, nutrition, and empowering people with their own health and healing. Rooted in the philosophy that Food is Medicine, Jen brings to the table a practical knowledge of food and meals that have assisted in her recovery from and management of late stage Lyme and mold illness.

This workshop will focus on anti-inflammatory and healing breakfast foods from our local farms that you can prepare and bring to your table, while providing a discussion of Lyme disease and tick awareness as we move into spring.

Over 12 Farms participating throughout the county!

Food for Thought Survey Released in Madison County!

A new survey is out for residents of Madison County to identify topics of interest for a new Food for Thought dinner discussion program to be offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension Madison County (CCE MC).This survey marks the beginning of a 16-month initiative aimed at connecting Madison County non-farming community members with local food producers. The survey will be distributed via email and social media platforms, as well as hard-copies for those who may not have internet access. The questions in the survey were developed to increase understanding of the specific topics of interest, as well as perceptions related to farming from farmers and non-farmers in Madison County. The results will serve as a guide for the selection of topics to be discussed at Food for Thought dinners to be held beginning Fall of 2020.This new innovative program is made possible through the generous support of the Central New York Community Foundation.

While the percentage of Americans involved in agriculture continues to decrease, the number of people interested in learning about the origins of their food continues to increase. At the same time, the financial and mental health challenges facing farms and farmers continues to increase. A combination of declining farm profit, increased operating costs, consumer lack of knowledge regarding the origins of their food, reliance on social media for information, aging population of farmers, and lack of young people interested in farming, results in incredible uncertainty for the future of farming. The Food for Thought  project addresses these timely topics with an innovative approach to reconnecting the Madison County community.

The Food for Thought program will consist of a series of free dinner discussion events centered around the interests of farmers and non-farmers as identified by the survey. The dinners will serve as the foundation for dialogue aimed to improve non-farmers understanding of farming, increase trust between both parties, and establish new communication networks that may assist in offsetting the continuing concerns of mental health struggles and increased suicide rates among US farmers.

Madison County residents are urged to complete the survey at the following link:

The survey has also been posted on the CCE MC website: and Facebook page: Cornell Cooperative Extension Madison County. Please note that there is an option in the survey to identify interest in being invited to a Food for Thought dinner starting fall 2020!

Last updated March 11, 2022