Jake Paradisin, age 7, shares his public presentation on "How to Draw a Dragon" at a Namaste Friends 4-H Club Meeting , 2010
Image by Bridgid Beames

A 7-year-old 4-H member gives a presentation on "How to Draw a Dragon" .


4-H Presentation


Mills Family setting up!




4-H presenters with their certificates

4-H Public Presentations & Horse Communications

Why Public Presentations?

Improving public speaking through Public Presentations is a major focus of the Madison County 4-H Program. 4-H alumni often refer to Public Presentations as the most significant and valuable 4-H learning experience, more so than any other 4-H program. We believe developing this life skill is especially important, as speaking in front of a group is often uncomfortable or intimidating for most people, yet almost everyone is forced to speak in front of large groups at some point in time. All Madison County 4-H members are encouraged to participate in public presentations or Horse Communications, another presentation opportunity. The basic format of Horse Communications is the same, however the topic must be horse related and some of the rules vary. 4-H members can participate in Public Presentations, Horse Communications, or both. For more information, please contact the 4-H office.

Public Presentations should have the following format:

  • Introduction – Think of a catchy way to grab the audience's attention
  • Body – Give the audience the facts you want them to have
  • Conclusion – Summarize what you just told the audience

We encourage youth to participate in:

  • Club Public Presentation Workshops (Schedule with the 4-H office)
  • Club Presentations
  • County Presentation (held in the early spring each year)
  • District or Regional Presentations (if presenter qualifies)
  • State Presentations or Horse Communications (if presenter qualifies)
  • National Horse Communications (if presenter qualifies)
  • Public Presentation Spaghetti Dinner – Dinner to celebrate the accomplishment of the presenters and the volunteers who make the program possible. (Date to be announced)

There are three basic types of presentations:

  • Demonstration or Illustrated Talk
  • Speech
  • Dramatic Interpretation

To find out more about regular presentations click here.

To find out more about Horse Communications check out the rule book.

For more information:  publicpresentationsinfo.pdf

For tips and tricks: Public Presentations

Last updated December 6, 2022