Curbside at Cornell

Curbside at Cornell

Curbside by Cornell

Curbside at Cornell

Curbside at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Madison County has created a program to more easily connect consumers with Madison County local direct sale farmers for pre-purchase with curbside pickup. Madison County direct-sale farmers have already begun signing up to be part of this program and the list is expected to grow in the coming days. Knowing the critical nature of food supply concerns, CCE Madison County is moving quickly to provide more options for consumers and anticipates growth in product selection as well as curbside exchange points with 6ft separation. The first farmer-consumer curbside exchange point is the front parking lot at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County at 100 Eaton Street, Morrisville, NY 13408.

The reason for this effort is explained by Dr. Karin Bump, Executive Director of CCE Madison, “Our friends, families, and neighbors need access to quality locally grown food during this period of social distancing. Providing ways to direct-buy with curbside pickup allows an option very much in line with our programming plans that encourage the residents of Madison County to buy local and support their local farmers. We are fortunate to have a community of direct-sale farmers who work hard every day to produce high quality food – we hope this program makes it easier for direct-sale farmers and consumers to connect while following CDC recommendations for social distancing”.

All participants are expected to follow CDC Guidelines including:

  • Avoid direct contact by maintaining a 6 foot distance using drop off/pick up procedure as follows:
    • Ideally, the seller and the buyer should clean/sanitize their hands prior to the exchange
    • Seller should obtain description of buyers vehicle or other identifying information
    • Once buyer arrives at one of the 100 Eaton Street Exchange Points (look for a sign in the upper parking lot) they should remain in their vehicle parked at least 6 feet away from the seller.
    • Seller then places the buyers purchases at the curb and maintains a distance of at least 6 feet from the products and the buyer.
    • Once the buyer has their products, all involved should clean/sanitize hands immediately

Please contact each farm/seller with any questions and to arrange payment and curbside pick-up. Signs denoting Exchange Points will be put out in the front parking lot of CCE Madison at 100 Eaton Street

Farm/Seller Name Curbside Pick-up @100 Eaton St Delivery Available Phone Website Offerings Payment options  
7 Trees Dairy Goats
Farm Pick-up available Yes (315)382.4065 FB: 7 Trees Dairy Goats goat cheese, goat milk soaps & lotion  Credit Cards, Cash
20 East       No (315)815.4540 Products from multiple farms at their store Credit Cards, Cash and Checks  
Ambrosia Farms and Garden Center Yes   (315)749.8942 Instagram: @ambrosiafarmsny biodynamic vegetables, herbs, plants, value added products (Organic heirloom seedlings and plants from our greenhouse are available during our Spring Sale!) Credit Cards and Cash  
Avocado Salsa Dip Yes Can deliver on orders over $40 (626)252.9227 FB: @freshavocadosalsa A Mexican peasant-style guacamole with raw avocados, tomatoes, onions, garlic, lemon, cilantro, oregano & green pepper. Also available: carrots, potatoes, onions, greenhouse tomatoes Credit Cards, Cash  
Ben and Judy's Sugar House Yes   (315)899.5864   Complete line of maple products    
Blue Sky Ranch LLC Yes   (315)404.5011 Beef & pork    
Brownson Family Farm Yes Yes (315)378.7851   Vegetables and produce Credit/Debit Cards, Cash. Online payments will be accepted soon  
Common Thread CSA Yes Multiple pick-up locations (315)882.0086 Herbs and vegetables Credit Cards & Cash  
Creekside Meadows Farm Yes No (315)720.2141 Grass fed beef (summer) & pork, seasonal vegetables, maple syrup Credit Cards, Cash, Checks  
Davjen Farm, LLC Yes Yes (518)526.0716 frozen vacuum sealed USDA inspected grass fed beef Credit cards, personal checks, cash  
Devine Gardens Yes Yes (315)663.1675 Beef, Vermicompost Credit Cards & Cash  
Dizzy Lizzie's Farm Yes Yes (316)662.7565 Vegetables, flowers, plants, maple syrup, pesto, and spices.  Credit Cards, Cash  
Fojo Beans, LLC Yes Shipping coming soon (720)939.1790 Coffee Credit Cards & Cash  
Fruit of the Fungi Yes Yes (315)725.1246 Mushrooms Credit Cards, Venmo, Cash  
G&M Farms Yes No (315)684.9223   Vegetables, value added (jams, salsa, hot sauces, pickled items) Cash  
Good Nature Farm Brewery Yes Yes (315)825.1608 Beer, wine, spirits, products from other farms Credit Cards  
Hartwood Farm Farm pickup only Delivery will be available soon (315)655.5652 Vegetables, flowers, herbs, plant seedlings Cash, check, credit card, online payments preferred  
HeartStone Artisan Bakery Yes   (315)825.5889 Sourdough bread (organic/non-organic) Credit Cards & Cash  
Jewett's Cheese House jewettscheese@hotmailcom Yes Yes (315)691.5858 Cheese, honey, grains, jams, dried fruit, maple syrup Credit Cards & Cash  
Landry Farms Farm pickup only No (315)450.5697 Eggs year round, chicken after June 22nd    
Local Roots Farm James Yoder Farm pickup only   (315)655.1043   Vegetables, maple syrup, honey, granola, eggs, & chicken Credit Cards, Cash, Checks  
Meadowood Farms Farm pickup only No (315)655.0623 Beef, lamb, sheep milk cheese, yogurt Credit Cards & Cash  
Nelson Farms Yes No (315)655.3301 Dry goods Credit Cards & Cash  
O'Mara Farms Yes Yes (518)763.8665 (315)899.3351 Premium pasture raised black angus beef (steaks, roasts, ground beef, burgers, etc,) beef sticks, jerky, all beef hot dogs, summer sausage, Lebanon baloney. Credit Cards, Cash, Check  
Palmer Farm Yes Yes (315)790.7788 FB: palmerfarmgrassfedorganic Organic ground beef, steaks, fully cooked ring bologna Cash, Check, Paypal  
Plumb Rocky Farm Yes Yes (315)335.8479 Rose veal, pork, lamb, goat    
Poplar Hedge Farm Yes No (315)822.3416 Goat dairy and farmstead cheese Cash  
Quarry Brook Farms Yes Yes (607)423.6098 organic beef, lamb, pork, eggs Credit Cards & Cash  
Skanda Farmstead Yes Yes Text: (818)854.9794 Facebook: @skandafarmstead Fresh log-grown shiitake mushrooms Cash  
Stone Brothers Farm and Greenhouse Yes No Text: (315)655.3213   Vegetables Cash  
Walika Soaps Yes Yes n/a Soap Credit Cards  

Last updated May 11, 2020